How it really started...

How it really started...

Many think Taleology was the start of my love of pets. While this is true, since our collections are named after our current 3 rescues and Emma works with rescues, it wasn't the starting point.

3 candles sitting on a blanket.

The pet-friendly scents were a  "want" for the business after her initial idea to build a custom creation.

Death is an inevitable part of the human experience, and coping with the loss of a loved one can be one of the most challenging experiences we face in life. While everyone's journey through grief is unique, there are several common coping mechanisms that people use to process their emotions and find a way forward.

After time has passed, how do we continue to keep a loved one alive? Through stories and memories. 

Emma's father passed away when she was 18 years old. It was years before she would start any healing but she found peace in the stories her mother would tell her. This also, was the same when hearing stories of late pets. 

Telling stories is so much deeper than a picture, it's a spark for conversation, connection, and community. Noticing the custom market was bland, Emma took her UX/UI skills to build an experience where you not only get a guided experience of scent but to tell your story.

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